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Drip irrigation for one acre farm, starting from N99,500

Boost your yield and profit by up to 200% with affordable drip irrigation kits.

Drip tapes, connectors, filters, venturi injectors and end stoppers etc.


Why buy from us

  • Free soil test and water analysis
  • Free vegetable seeds for bulk purchases
  • Free crop nutrition or fertilisation plan based on the result of the soil test (organic or inorganic plan)
  • Free agronomic advice
  • Free guidance on the optimum pH for farm pesticides and chemicals. You can achieve 30-60% efficiency in pesticide usage and efficacy by altering the pH, pesticides manufacturers will not tell you this.

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Drip Irrigation System

A typical drip irrigation system consists of drip tapes or tubes, sub-main pipes, connectors and the fertigator (Venturi Injector or Dosing Pump) connected to a source of water (borehole, well, dam, river or stream etc.

Drip irrigation remains one of the most innovative forms of irrigation today.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation involves the passing of water to the roots of plants through the use of emitters, lined in tube-like pipes for efficient absorption of water.

Fertigating with drip irrigation system can increase your yield by 50 - 200% whilst reducing labour by up to 60%.

Drip Irrigation is like passing water to a dehydrated person through the veins rather than pouring it on the body.


About Us

Veggie Grow Limited offers solutions that reduce the need for physical labour and harmful chemicals whilst positively impacting on the profitability of the average farmer. Our company is staffed by experts who have worked in the agribusiness space in Europe, Asia and Africa for several years.

Our goal is to make farming brain fed in Nigeria instead of rain fed. Farmers will be able to farm in the dry season by using our affordable drip irrigation kits and other farm technologies.


Complete Farm Set-Up (Tomato, Cucumber, Kale, Brocolli, Plantain and Cocoa etc.)

Design and installation of drip irrigation system and other irrigation system

Drip irrigation repairs and unblocking/replacement of emitters

Design and installation of Greenhouses, hydroponic systems and vertical bag farming


  • Drip Irrigation Kits and  Drip Tapes
  • Spray Tubes, Rain Guns and Sprinklers
  • Fertigating Tools
  • Hydrogel for Irrigation
  • Plastic Mulch
  • Nursery Trays
  • Microbial Innoculum
  • Pesticides
  • Humates
  • Tillers and Weeders


Other Services

Soil test, Plant Sap Analysis to gauge nutrients imbalances, plants’ fertility levels, impending insects attack, brix level and pH value

Soil decontamination and Remediation and Soil Microbial Innoculation

Migration from inorganic to organic farming

Farm Profit Optimisation and training of farm workers

Design and maintenance of Golf courses and sport fields

Setting up of organic home garden and orchards.

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